Engineered for Comfort™

Bangers and Mash® apparel is engineered for comfort. From tops to bottoms to undergear, every piece integrates style, comfort, and performance. Designed and made in Canada. Available online and in select boutiques in Canada, USA, Japan and Australia.

Underwear Advantage

We strive to make make a great pair of underwear. Bangers and Mash® is designed with consideration to flexibility and movement, giving you room and support where you need it. All our underwear feature an EPA Certified technical panel that works hard against odor and moisture. This, combined with a smart streamlined design allows you to be comfortable in both work and play.

These ain't your typical tightie whities.

First time trying our undergear?
Don't worry we've got you covered. Check out the Bangers and Mash® Test Drive.


They fit great and are incredibly comfortable to wear. My wife really likes them too. Awesome!" — Alex

Glad u and your wife like B&M!

Ok so the problem is they are dirty...... And I only bought one pair and all my other underwear pales in comparison! Do you make yoga shorts?" — David

TMI :) We designed a lightweight short and pant, check it out in our collection.

At first, to be honest I was little skeptical they wouldn't fit properly. My waist is a 33 and the mainstream underwear I buy is typically too small or too big. But the [medium] Bangers & Mash fit perfectly. I find them super comfortable, and really love the soft fabric. The design is pretty attractive too. I got the purple ones. I had been looking for something this high quality for some time and am happy I tried Bangers & Mash. The only small criticism I have is they don't come in y-fronts or at least mine didn't. Y-front, I feel would be better for everyday use – easier access! ... I'll probably buy me some more when they are formally launched." — Mark

The on going debate - over the fence or through the gate. You're right we don't have a Y-front just yet, but we haven't ruled them out either! Stay tuned...

My hubby has a couple pairs of your underwear and thinks they're the bomb. He goes on and on about how comfy they are and how great his butt looks in them." — Dee

We're so happy that your hubby has a great butt in our gear!

My girlfriend bought me a pair of your Bangers & Mash trunks in Vancouver. I just came to visit her for the weekend and am SO impressed with how comfortable they are. I have spent a lot of time and a lot of money looking for great underwear and from a comfort perspective these are right up at the top with the best. I have always liked (another company) but the material can be too heavy and the legs are often tight in the small trunks. (Another different company) make some great stuff out of lightweight stretch fabric, but although the look is great they are still not overly comfortable after a full day. To me that is what is important; not just how they feel when you first put them on, but after a day in them. The true test of comfort? Try travelling on a plane in gitch to see how good they are! Well done Bangers & Mash. I hope your beta is successful and that we see your product." — Daniel

Wow, thanks! We are in the stages of launching the line and hopefully it will be in the marketplace real soon :)

I recieved a pair of Bangers & Mash underwear from my grandparents and can honestly say I havent worn anything this comfy. With their unique designs and snug fit you feel in place all the time. I will never go back to normal underwear as long as Bangers & Mash is still around." — Josh

Glad your boys are staying in place!

I bought a pair of underwear for my boyfriend a bit over a week ago... Love love LOVE them! It was the blue/yellow striped one - love the feel of the fabric, my boyfriend looked hot, and it was kind of a cute rugby look, haha...manly! The packaging was cool, the branding clever - great look and feel. :D The only thing is that the sizing isn't the same as the other pairs of underwear - little bit confusing?" — Yvonne

We're glad the boxers are a hit! Noted on the sizing - we made some last minute changes to the rugby style and noticed that the fit was a size smaller. Rest assured, new cuts for this style will fit true to size (like the other pairs).

I just wore the underwear which I bought on Sunday. They're very good. Not too tight, good support and don't ride up like others do. Hope the feed back helps and hope you enjoy the beer at (a brewing company)." — Chris

Nice. Haven't had a chance to stop in at (a brewing company) yet, but hopefully this Friday. Thanks for the comps btw.

I recently bought a pair of the boxer briefs. I have to say that this pair of underwear is the most comfortable pair of underwear I have ever worn. They fit snug but that is how I like my underwear to fit. I have found in the past that I get too hot participating in certain activities, the Banger & Mash pair, though do not suffer from this. They breathe and keep the temperature even in any condition. I love these underwear and will definitely look to get more!" — Aaron

Sweet. Comfort and performance is our goal. Glad to hear we are going in the right direction!

Today I bought a pair of underwear in Vancouver. They feel great, the sizing is perfect and proportions are just right. I am very happy with them, keep up the great work." — Eric

Thank you for taking the time to let us know what you think!

I purchased a pair in Vancouver. Wore them today, and I am very happy. Extremely comfortable. You will have me as a regular customer." — Robert

That is awesome news!

My wife decided to get me a pair for Christmas. I've got to tell you, they are absolutely the very best gift I received this year. Not only do I look amazing in them, but they are incredibly comfortable, hugging me in all the right places and generally making me feel great. They may be one of a kind, but I wish I had twelve. Congratulations on an outstanding product with best wishes for success in the new year. Let me know when and where I can get more." — Jan

We're so glad that you love our gear. We will hopefully have some stuff up on our website soon!

We're always looking for more feedback, if you'd like to send us yours please use our contact page. Thanks!